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this icon is totally appropriate.

so, now that wintergift is pretty much wrapped up, we've decided we need to maybe have a little shindig.

we received about 12 or so bottles of wine from our family (because apparently we are boozaholics), and we find the need to share to be fairly overwhelming.

is anyone up for a potluck near the end of this month or the beginning/middle of march?

cross-posting to my own journal, so let me know either place.

for open art weekend:

we had some extra cashy monies, so the following have been procured:

peppermint schnapps
black seal rum
blood orange bitters

and tourment vert (the green torment) absinthe.

this all joins the mixers, liquor, and wine that we already have.

so, anyone else interested?

(and yes, we're considering knitting art)



i am cross-posting this here, because, well, i dunno where this comm points to now, but our studio seems to be all that is left of the legendary 'ice_haus' moniker, so there. i hereby commandeer the comm. sort of. :P

anyway, this is from justin:

I haven't drawn anything in..months at least. This is terrible. It's also indicative of other issues that I need to fix. So, this weekend, I am going to take a pad of paper and a few pencils and draw until my hand falls off. But, art is boring by itself. Ideas come from having other people around..at least, the better ones do. So, what we are going to do is clean like crazy tonight and friday night. Saturday, and possibly Sunday, if any of you guys feel up to it, the apartment will be open to random drop-bys (though if you actually -plan- to stop by, telling us would be great too so we can plan for snack-buying and potential lunchings) if you want to chill, eat some snackings, and maek art with us. I don't care if you are knitting, drawing, inking, or making hand puppets, so long as you interested in -doing- art and witty banter at the same time. There may even be alcohol, given that drunken banter is occasionally more inspiring than sober banter.

This is part of a series that I am going to call Senor Ice's SuperoDestructive Drawing/Alcohol Festival of Ages. Maybe. It really doesn't flow, that name, but it's good enough for now. The idea is that..there are things that I suck at drawing. I am going to draw those things until I am good at them, one subject at a time. I may even post these drawings for critique here, though given how rarely I even log on to LJ anymore, that may be more ambitious than I can handle. All you, my lovely friend, have to do is tell me what sucks about what I post so I can fix it. That's it. I don't even want positive comments when I post things, this is an outlet for your negativity..assuming you can be constructive while you do it. Of course, this is all future speculation. We'll see how it all works out!
next tuesday i will be having corned beef and cabbage. and either bailey's, whiskey, or guiness. even if it kills me.

yer welcome to join. dinner will be right around 8. bring something to compliment an (smei-authentic, ha) irish dinner :)
super short notice, but it's only been the two of us at each one so far, so i will consider this a reminder to myself.


art night tomorrow

if anyone wants to come by, please do.


art night might be re-scheduled for tonight, due to sir's massive migraine of doom yesterday. i have sewing or writing to do :)

art night

tonight has been semi-randomly designated 'ice haus art night'. please come by after work if you wish, and bring something arty to do, if you wish. otherwise, sir and i will just create artsy stuff on our own. i hear he has a cow-related project to work on :)

we have some cream soda and popcorn if people feel the need to snack, or bring something to share, as you see fit.

after work til whenever!
just reminding folks that tomorrow is xf mini-marathon day!

sunday, jan. 25
ice haus (address below in a comment)

bring a snacky or drinky item if you can! we shall have chips, soda, and poppy corn available.

also, if i have typos, i apologize...i got some crazy typo disorder tonight.